Pkgsrc Repository

Welcome to the UW -- Milwaukee pkgsrc repository.

We provide quarterly snapshot pkgsrc packages for RHEL 7 and NetBSD 8 on amd64. We attempt to build the entire pkgsrc collection, however our focus is on providing stable packages for long-term scientific studies.

These packages are provided as-is as a service to the community.

Why use pkgsrc?

The vast majority of HPC clusters run Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or derivatives such as CentOS and Scientific Linux. These operating systems are favored for their reliability and support for running commercial software such as engineering design applications.

However, RHEL-based systems present a challenge for running the latest open source software due to their use of older compilers and libraries than those found on more cutting edge operating systems such as Debian, FreeBSD, or OS X.

The pkgsrc cross-platform package manager offers a simple solution, allowing users to easily install a self-contained set of modern packages, independent of older Yum packages. Pkgsrc provides its own compilers and libraries, so there is no need to patch software for the older tools provided by RHEL.

We generate binary packages for each quarterly pkgsrc snapshot with an installation prefix of /sharedapps/pkg-[year]Q[quarter], e.g. /sharedapps/pkg-2017Q1, /sharedapps/pkg-2017Q2, etc. This allows older software to remain in-place for the duration of long-term studies, while newer software is installed under a separate prefix.

Detailed information on using these packages is available at

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